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Colourblind Tube Map wins Judges Award in TFL Accessibility Competition

Dec 10, 2013   //   by admin   //   All  //  Comments Off

We’re proud to announce our ‘Colourblind Tube Map’ that we developed in partnership with Ian Hamilton has been announced as a winner in the TFL accessible app competition.

The competition has provided vital information about good app design and designing for accessibility.

Leon Daniels, Managing Director of Surface Transport at TfL

Developers were asked to design a travel app with features that make TfL real time information easy to use for people with accessibility needs. Apps were assessed for features that affect app accessibility such as use of colour contrast, voiceover capability, and user experience.

London underground map redesigned for easier viewing by people with all forms of colourblindness, and other vision impairments such as cataracts, loss of contrast sensitivity and myopia. If you have difficulty using the London tube map, either in print or in other apps, this could be the answer.

  • Official licensed London tube map, modified with permission from TFL
  • Designed for and tested with people with a range of vision impairments
  • Combination of colour and pattern for colourblindness
  • Increased contrast and reduced glare for other vision impairments
  • Large detailed maps that allow a high level of zoom
  • Simple easy to use interface with no fiddly gestures
  • Choice of text size

The Colourblind Tube Map has been designed for people with mild-moderate vision impairment, key features being alternative colour schemes, a high level of zoom, and a large font option.

Considerations have also been made for people with impaired motor ability, with large well-spaced buttons, and use of zoom buttons instead of pinch/zoom.

The interface is simple, settings have visual previews, copy is clearly styled and as jargon-free as possible, and the choice of interface colours can be beneficial for irlen-related dyslexia.

Being the organised bunch we are, we’ve teamed up with the other three competition winners and have put together an official winners press release for all of the four winning apps which can be accessed here.

Download the app on the Apple app store
Download the app on the Android app store

TFL Accessibility Competition Winners

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