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CBeebies approached us to work on a development pitch for new highly accessible interactive content for the award winning children’s television show ‘Something Special’. Something Special is simple, fun and informative and each programme focuses on aspects of the children’s world about them.

Each programme sees Justin and Mr Tumble out and about applying signing in a variety of places that have relevance to the young audience. Topics covered include pets, toys, weather, clothes, shops, food, all about me, where I live and colours. Mr Tumble always dresses up, wearing brightly-coloured clothes and even big shoes! He moves around and has lots of fun. All children will love him!


It was imperative that the website was not only suitable for young children but also children with disability. This means that accessibility was fundamental in the design process and traditional design rules ignored. This was all about bright colours and simplistic design.

The pitch that we worked on was successful, leading to the project being greenlit and subsequently built by Aardman Digital. It is now officially live on the CBeebies website so head over and have a look.

Something Special Website

Something Special Games

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