Vodafone Smart Accessibility Competition

The Zoom Plus Video Magnifier app we developed in cahoots with Ian Hamilton and with the assistance of the Digital Accessibility Centre has been announced as the winner of the Independent Living category. For more information please see the VSAA2011 winners press release.

Zoom Plus Video Magnifier app allows people with visual impairments such as cataracts and long sightedness, as well as some forms of dyslexia, to easily read text by applying a magnifier, and adjusting the colours of the font and background.Vodafone

Find out more about the four winning apps in this article by The Guardian “Winners names at Vodafone Smart Accessibility Awards” or by clicking on the video supplied by Vodafone below.

Below are some photos from the awards ceremony (images courtesy of Simon Rockman), which was held simultaneously in Brussels and at the global M-Enabling summit in Washington.

Vodafone Smart Accessibility Winners

Vodafone Smart Accessibility Winners

All of the shortlisted apps were of an incredibly high standard and made a genuine difference, changing people’s lives for the better, so we’re honoured to be announced the winners of our category.

We’re continuing our work on Zoom Plus Video Magnifier leading towards a full version 1.0 release in the near future so if you have any questions about the app please either drop us an email or comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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