Epic Eric Develop Awards

Our debut game Epic Eric has just been announced as a finalist for the Develop indie games showcase. It’s fantastic to be in the final, especially as it’s our first venture into self publishing.

Bootstrapping the development of Epic Eric has been an appropriately epic undertaking, so it’s really fantastic to be recognised for our work, especially as it’s the first time breaking away from client projects to work on our own self-published IP.Neil Glenister

We’re working hard to see our dream of being an independent self publishing studio come to life, but one of the hardest things for a developer in our position is publicity and getting noticed amongst the throng. Being a finalist is a really great opportunity for this.Neil Glenister

The goal throughout development was to strike a balance between simplicity and depth, to allow people to enjoy it wherever they are regardless of whether they only had one free hand to spare on a packed commuter train or whether they had hours to kill on an international flight. So it’s based on single touch input, with the complexity coming through working out precise timing, trajectories and conserving momentum.

Development has been a real labour of love, the game was developed over the course of a year with no funding at all and was created using time were able to carve out between other projects and in our own spare time. Epic Eric went through all kinds of iterations and changes in direction, at one point it was even an endless runner streaking game (which may still happen, there have already been many requests!).

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