Epic Eric Making Of

We’ve taken a few snaps of Epic Eric as it’s been designed and developed. Here’s a handful that we’ve picked out for you to see…

The development of Epic Eric has been a real labour of love, the game was developed over the course of a year with no funding at all and was created using time were able to carve out between other projects and in our own spare time. Epic Eric went through all kinds of iterations and changes in direction, at one point it was even an endless runner streaking game (which may still happen, there have already been many requests!)

Everything always starts off with a sketch…

Game sketch

We always make sure that the characters in the game are layered together from different vector graphics so that we can easily swap in/out different costume designs. It also ensures that animation created further down the line is easier.

Original vector game artwork

Below is a shot of the initial design and build for the game. The original plan was to go for something that had a paper texture with a feel of depth (using drop shadows). However, during gameplay testing we quickly realised that this hindered the playability of the game. As a poster, we thought it looked great…but the look had to change if we wanted people to enjoy actually playing it.

Way back game design screenshot

Along the way we even tried changing the entire mechanic to a vertical scrolling game. We quickly realised that this didn’t work, by making players progress upwards we lost a lot of room for interesting mechanics (e.g. ziplines or sliding)

Vertical game design

The app icon took a surprisingly long time to get right. Originally the idea was to get some sense of flying into the icon, however, it was deemed to complicated and looked like a mess when shown in the smallest format. We chose to go with a simple close up of Eric which works nicely, even in 29×29 format!

App icons

The artwork is initially sketched and then redrawn in Adobe Flash…

Vector Game Design

And finally, after a lot of playing around, we’ve ended up with something that we are happy with…

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