London Colourblind Tube Map

We’ve redesigned the London underground map for easier viewing by people with all forms of colourblindness, and other vision impairments such as cataracts, loss of contrast sensitivity and myopia. If you have difficulty using the London tube map, either in print or in other apps, this could be the answer.

Many think of the London Underground map as one on the pinnacles of design, but it does fall down for people who are colour blind. The colours of the Hammersmith & City line and the Waterloo & City line are, for example, almost indistinguishable to me. To its credit, Transport for London does have a colour blind map available to download, but I’m yet to find a London Underground app, which there are plenty of, that makes use of it.Tim Lovell, colourblind

I think with the range of colour schemes that you have in the app, they are very useful and users should not have difficulty. There is a wide range of options. A lot more on most apps I have seen.Lee Stone, Digital Accessibility Centre

Colourblind Tube Map

  • Official licensed London tube map, modified with permission from TFL
  • Designed for and tested with people with a range of vision impairments
  • Combination of colour and pattern for colourblindness
  • Increased contrast and reduced glare for other vision impairments
  • Large detailed maps that allow a high level of zoom
  • Simple easy to use interface with no fiddly gestures
  • Choice of text size

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