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Sky Store Roku App

Sky Store Roku App

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With the huge rise in streaming television we’ve been very proud of being a part of the Sky Store development team that worked on the popular streaming app for Roku.

The Sky Store channel on Roku lets customers access more than 1,200 rental titles instantly on their television sets. Movie fans can now enjoy the latest releases, including Man of Steel, The Hangover Part 3, Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger, for £3.49 each; and classic hits including The Godfather, Forrest Gump, Top Gun and Austin Powers from a range of just 99p-£

Media Guardian Innovation Awards

MediaGuardian Innovation Awards Nominee

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Our work for Tweetminster came runner up in the ‘Use of Web Platforms’ category of the MediaGuardian Innovation Awards 2010! Unfortunately we we’re pipped at the post by our friends over at the BBC. I guess it’s time to look back at the many things we created over the past year for Tweetminster…

ITV Election Special Widget

ITV struck a deal with Tweetminster to create various widgets for their Election Special homepage. Our task was to create a simple news ticker that would stream live Twitter sentiment analytics around the three major parties and their leaders.

ITV Election Widget

The Tweetometer

A simple tool that utilises the Twitter Api to compare the number of tweets over a 24 hour period for two variables to see which is more popular. It was originally intended for political reasons (e.g. compare David Cameron with Gordon Brown) however we opened it up so the user could input any variables…just because it’s more fun…


The Tweetminster Wire Lite

Built in Adobe Air this was the desktop version of the Tweetminster Wire. Think of it as the TweetDeck for politics, the Wire Lite pulled in political tweets into a customisable interface and featured a neat little graph which gave the user the ability to view tweet sentiment over any given time period.

Political Tweets

The Tweetminster Map Visualisation

Created for the run up to the General Election, this online tool analysed tweets sentiment and turned the data into multiple visualisations from Pie Charts to Constituency and regional maps.

Twitter Data Analytics

The Tweetminster Live Wire

After the success of the Wire Lite it became apparent that we needed to create a version that could be accessed online. The Tweetminster Live Wire was born.

Tweetminster Wire Lite

Tweetminster Wire Lite

Computer Arts Projects

Computer Arts Feature

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We’re proud to announce that the desktop app we recently built for Tweetminster was featured in Computer Arts Projects mag issue 125:

Tweetminsters Adobe Air-based Wire service incorporates topical news stories, courtesy of The Guardian’s Open Platform API. Now when comparing terms, you can click on any date on the graph to pull relevant articles from The Guardian about that term, published on that day.
Computer Arts Projects Editor

The main challenge with Tweetminster is definitely managing such large amounts of information in real time – both in terms of finding a balance from a systems architecture perspective, and in terms of figuring out what’s relevant as the volume of the conversation grows. In both cases, it’s about constantly trialling and experimenting”.
Alberto Nardelli